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Paper modeling, or card modeling, is simply the process of creating three-dimensional scale models of objects from heavy paper or card stock. Model subjects range from incredibly detailed ships and aircraft, requiring great expertise and hundreds of hours to complete, to very simple objects and toys which young children would have little difficulty in constructing. Model subjects also include imaginary things such as dragons, flying saucers, and cartoon characters, just to name a few.

Many of these models may be found on the Internet as free downloads, while many, many more may be purchased at prices as low as a US dollar or two. Still more can be bought for less than ten US dollars, or much more for some of the truly incredible models.

Downloadable models are simply graphics files which can be printed on color ink jet or laser printers which handle card stock (most will). The pieces are scored, cut out, and assembled with simple white PVA glue into sometimes amazingly realistic representations of real or imaginary things.

With the kind and generous permission of Fred Hirsch at KittyHawk Software, I am proud to offer a selection of paper models which were formerly available as free samples from KittyHawk's Paper Paradise site. These models are here.

Here are my own designs for paper models, mainly of SF and fantasy subjects. There are currently twenty models for you to download, print, and build for yourself.

Here are a few more paper modeling links:

Here is a .PDF version of a sheet of space- and SF-related paper model links, originally compiled by David T. Okamura.

Peace in Paper

Peace in Paper. A not-for-profit effort to promote world peace and paper modeling. Demi and I have each contributed models. Won't you?
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