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After several years building paper models, I began designing a few simple models of my own, and you may download the results from this page. It is recommended that you save the model files to your own computer and print them from there, as printing from your Web browser won't always work correctly. All models are designed to print correctly on either US Letter or A4 size paper by setting Adobe Reader's "Page Scaling" to "None" and checking the "Auto-Rotate and Center" box in the print dialog.

More models designed by me and many others may be found on the Peace in Paper site.

Submarine Shanty Boat Stubby Tank Trojan Rabbit WWI Flying Ace The Luggage Cavorite Sphere Sedan Chair Shuttle Flying Saucer Rocketship X-M Retro Rocket Commlock Stun Gun Gizmonic Institute Rocket Science Marvin's Pistol Martian Maggot Soap Box Time Machine Red Robot #C-63 Alien Santa's Orbital Workshop Cosmic Carrot Missile Command Missile Naughty Lass Submersible Truck-Ra Spons Mars Habitat BrickThulhu! Briquette! HonK! Clango! Tombstone Humor HPL's Headstone! Spayneville! Skull! Bardsworth University Fly, you tricolor titan! To boldy go where no man has gone before! Bucky the Robot! Outpost in Space! Who? Rapa Nui?

These pages were created using Windows Notepad and a variety of resources. This page was last updated 2013-03-29.
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