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FRFNS 'Naughty Lass' Model


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Please let me know if you find a problem while building this model, or if you enjoyed building it as much as I enjoyed designing it. A photo of your build would also be welcome. You can send me e-mail here:

This is a model of the Free Republic of Farkistan Navy Submersible "Naughty Lass," an original concept of a Victorian-style submersible, inspired by several existing designs, real and imaginary, and proudly bearing the flag of the Free Republic of Farkistan. Farkistan is a creation of the denizens of; search there for more information on this imaginary nation.

The assembled model is approximately six inches in length and two inches tall. The screw turns freely, and the control surfaces are movable. This model requires a couple of non-paper parts; read the assembly instructions carefully.

For Farkistan, for Freedom!

FRFNS "Naughty Lass" parts and instructions (298 Kb)

By request: uncolored parts (256 Kb) for those who wish to do their own "painting."

Jacques Thibault is having far too much fun with my models. In addition to "Naughty Lass," he has scaled and modified the model to create "Naughty Mom" and "Naughty Dad!" There are no downloads for these versions until Jacques decides to create his own Web site for the purpose, but here you can see photos of his excellent "Naughty Lass" build, and one of the whole "Naughty Family."

Farkistan triumphant!Farkistan and Lunastan, together again!

Gerard Pollet has done an excellent repaint of my model to represent the Confederate submarine "The Pioneer" from 1861. Gerard has allowed me to share his version of the model here; thank you, Gerard!

Gonna sink us some Yankees!

Pioneer parts only (.JPG format - 318 Kb)

Phil Shore built "The Pioneer" at about 40% of its designed size; it could almost be a Steampunk "Proteus!"

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