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Trojan Rabbit Model


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This is the "Trojan Rabbit" from the movie, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," in approximately 1:72 scale, suitable for 25 mm tabletop gaming. It rolls, too, at least as well as the original, and a lot more quietly. :-)

The second image is from Ed Bertschy, who has repainted my model magnificently! His version is also available for download.

Trojan Rabbit - Run Away! Look, if we built this large wooden badger ...

Trojan Rabbit (53 Kb) Ed Bertschy's version (.JPG format - 316 Kb) Assembly instructions (5 Kb)

New 2017-06-04: a rail conversion kit for your Trojan Rabbit! The kit includes a 10-inch section of track and parts for both "wooden" and "steel" wheels. Conversion does not impair the Rabbit's off-track abilities.

Wooden wheels! Steel wheels!

The Rabbit is obviously excited about this.

The conversion can be applied to an existing Rabbit build, but a new build with longer axles to support the hubs is recommended.

Rail Conversion Kit (226 Kb)

New 2011-02-28: an enlarged (roughly 1:24 scale) and steampunked version! This was taken before the wheels and whistle were installed.

Steam Rabbit!

This was taken after the Rabbit was subjected to some serious humidity at ConDor 2011, resulting in a case of droopy ears! (Photo courtesy of Colleen Burks, with whom this Rabbit now resides.)

Droopy Steam Rabbit!

Steampunked Rabbit (4,364 Kb)

Other People's Builds

Just to show that there's someone out there even stranger than I am, take a look at what Maurice O'Brien did to my poor model: a "Victorian steam powered Trojan railway rabbit!" I'm sorry, but no download is available for this one.

Victorian steam powered trojan railway rabbit!

The Trojan Rabbit sure gets around: here we have some of the Emperor's elite Army using the Rabbit to infiltrate a stronghold of the only race still using catapults (it's a Warhammer 40,000 thing). Many thanks to Jeff Rubarth for his photo!

You think they'll buy it?

Another photo of the Rabbit in action! James Ferry's Rabbit is about to take a fortress.


Simon Smith's Rabbit goes toe to toe with a 25mm k-niggit! Simon used one pence coins to add some weight to his wheels.

Have at you!

Chris's Rabbit has the key to the castle! Chris printed his Rabbit at 10% and ended up with it about 1/4 inch tall.

Nasty, big, pointy teeth!

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